Welcome, my name is Faye. I am happy you've found your way here and I would love to tell you about me and my work as an Energy Healer and Spiritual Attendant for pregnancy and birth. 

This is Now. Now is, all there is. Don't wait for Then; 
strike the spark, light the fire. 


Our inner fire - the light of our Soul

I love the idea of each of us holding a divine spark, an inner fire, the light of our Soul. Very often, however, this inner light is dulled and dimmed by life's constrictions and we find ourselves trapped in circumstances. In my work as a Shaman, I help people to free themselves from worn-out behavioural patterns, remove karmic restrictions and retrieve that inner spark. For it is their unique light.

There is a spark within you; we all have been endowed with it. Your job is to kindle that spark into a roaring fire. That is passion. Find yours and let it burn.  

C. Bonilla 

My Approach

Spiritual Doula

As a spiritual attendant for pregnancy and birth, I support mothers, children and their families by:

 promoting a loving awareness for the being of the child (even before conception)

 guiding the family members into soul-to-soul communication

 helping them to create a loving bond, far from conventional restrictions 

 smoothing the child’s entry into this world, so that they can come here as an awakened being

 using specific energetic methods to ease the birth process for mother and child

 regarding birth as the awe-inspired event, it’s meant to be

Apart from that, I have always felt that I would like to support women in empowering the feminine and getting to know their strength. It is a heartfelt wish of mine, to help women feeling proud of being a mother and a woman. I want to encourage them on these matters and to witness how they re-discover their original female powers, defining who they are.

Shamanic Healing Work

As a shamanic healer, I help clients to solve energetic blockages, resolve karma, let go of worn-out behavioural patterns and to re-integrate soul-aspects. I work in the tradition of the Queros from the Peruvian Andes and my work is based on the consciousness that everything in this, our world, holds a spirit. 

"Your Miracle of Life is restored to function in accordance with the intent of your creation 

to fulfil your life purpose by connecting your BodyMind and Soulparticipation."

Ida Hanim

Want to know more?

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