About Me

Ever since I was a child, I have been in love with life, the beauty of nature and the miracles that surround us. I loved walking through our garden, talking to flowers, climbing trees and caressing my animal friends. 

I also felt a lot of love for my fellow humans, and I wanted to help them heal their hearts from a very young age. So throughout early adulthood, I embarked on several journeys to find the "right" remedies. 

The first step was an education in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which taught me to see beyond physical symptoms and to take a more holistic approach to illnesses and pain. 

My teachers were the lovely Claude and Ina Diolosa, and I owe them a lot of gratitude. 

At the age of 22, I then met my first shamanic teacher, Agustin Delgado Orea, from Mexico. 

Agustin's teachings helped me remember that there is more to life than what we see on the surface and in the retreats and workshops with him, I realised that this was the path I wanted to choose. 

I didn't get there straight though...Instead, I spent some years trying various things: studying a bit of Western medicine, starting a paramedic education twice and skipping it twice...tapping into forestry and trying hard to get into midwifery education. 

That was the moment when everything seemed to collapse. Even though I had been making a massive effort to get accepted by a number of German midwifery schools, they all refused my application. 

I was 26 by then and at a complete loss because (for the first time in my life) it felt like I was on the right track. I wanted midwifery more than I had ever wanted anything. However, the fact that I kept getting refused by the schools made me feel like a complete failure. 

Luckily, I had lots of loving support from my family. My mother is a healer herself and she linked me up with the shamanic teachers Irina and Ralph Dittert, from the White Sage School of Shamanic Healing in Germany. At that particular moment, I felt like I had nothing to lose. 

The years at the White Sage School were the most intense years of my life. I felt like my entire world had turned upside down and nothing that I had known until that precise moment, made sense any longer. 

The only constant factor was the deep inner knowledge I had conceived throughout those special, connected moments in my childhood. The wisdom that everything holds a spirit returned to me and a lot of love flooded back into my heart. 

In the years to come, my life changed 180 degrees and today I know that the healing journey with the White Sage School saved my life. 

Parallel with learning at the White Sage School, I met Sita Kleinert in Switzerland. Sita runs a healing-and-light-centre at the shore of Lake Constance, and a spiritual approach to pregnancy and birth is at the core of her teachings. 

Suddenly it all fell into place; my earlier ambition to become a midwife and this new opportunity to study spiritual attendance in pregnancy and childbirth. 
Needless to say, I took the step and combined it all. I trained as an energy healer with the White Sage School and studied with Sita in Switzerland. Those years were incredibly rewarding and I feel very blessed for all the gifts I received.

Ever since I accomplished my training, I have kept learning, evolving and restructuring. Life itself is our best teacher and new jewels of wisdom keep coming up on my path.

In the Summer of 2015, I trained with Kate Woods, a renowned Doula UK-teacher and simply wonderful woman. 
And in Autumn of the same year, I  had the opportunity to go to Hawaii and work with a holistic, local midwife. It was a beautiful experience. I was blessed to be present at a number of beautiful births and to meet extraordinary families who welcomed their new members in a very loving way. The spirit of Hawaii and the family of dolphins we swam with on various occasions, added to the magic. 
I guess that the events of those summer months in 2015, made me long for my own little miracle and in November 2015, I became pregnant. 

My daughter Maylea Maria was born in August 2016 and I have never been the same again. I give thanks to Source each day for the joy and the teachings Maylea brings into my life. 

They say that 'when a child is born, a mother is born, too' and yes, when I became pregnant, I could already feel the changes within me. I knew that I could no longer go on and wait for life to happen but that I had to hold on tight with both hands and carve out the life I wanted for me and my child. 

So I am now happily dedicating my energy and time to the love that lives in all of us. I know deep within me that we are all connected and that, when we heal ourselves, we also heal our beloved 

Mother Earth and her Creatures.