Shamanic Healing Session

At the beginning of your healing journey, we will have a phone call which is free of charge.  

I am happy to answer your questions regarding my work and the techniques I work with, as it is my wish that you should feel safe and cared for. 

If you are happy, we can then arrange an appointment for a healing session.

Throughout a shamanic healing session, you are being held within the Sacred Space. You find yourself surrounded by a benevolent and loving energy field, which protects you and enables you to open up. During a pre-talk, we look for the root of your need for healing. 

The moment you are ready, we stop talking, and I begin the task of cleansing and 'illuminating' your energetic field.

It happens that I sing, shake maracas or gently speak to a client of mine, while cleansing their energy field. I firmly know that they and I are protected by the loving light-beings which surround us. 

The knowledge that all of us are forever connected with the Universe and each other, carries my work and is the true origin of healing. 

"Unwrapping the bundle"

I often explain to clients that I see them as carrying a heavy backpack. A bundle that consists of all the encounters with pain or trauma which they have had throughout their lives. We, humans, tend to 'wrap' up the things which proved too painful over the years. We then put them in the said imaginary backpack and don't ever drag them out into daylight unless we are forced to, or unless something triggers the old pain yet again. 

So with shamanic healing work, I help my client to, step by step, undo that bundle that they have been wrapping up throughout the past. Lovingly, we slowly unfold the many layers of pain and seek for the root of a problem. 
Depending on how deep that root has grown, this process can take time. In most cases, it takes more than one healing session to get to the bottom layer of trauma. 

A healing session takes between 1.5 and 2 hours and concludes in an after-talk.

I explain to you what I have seen and done and give you 'tools' that you can work with, in the weeks to come. 

"Healing is not necessarily about curing. As your inner light grows - anything is possible."

Alberto Villoldo