Shamanic work 

Below you can find a list of everything I offer in relation to my work as a Doula and Shaman.

The named treatments are like my "basic"-tools. If you decide to work with me, I usually design a treatment - plan around you and your needs. The heartfelt wish for you to heal is at the core of my work and we'll take it step by step, always in accordance with what feels right for you at the time.

Looking forward to working with you.

In Munay,


Shamanic Healing session

A shamanic healing session takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. It consists of a pre-talk, intense energy-work and an after-talk. If you are interested, please contact me either by phone or through my contact form. Before an appointment for a healing session, we'd arrange for a first-contact phone call (free of charge) where I explain my work and answer your questions regarding a possible healing session. 

Healing sessions can also be arranged as distance healings. They follow the exact same pattern as in-person sessions, with the exception that I charge slightly less because I do not have to include rent and fuel costs. (please contact me for further information).

Price (in person): £ 85  (children: £ 55)

Price (distance): £ 75 (children: £ 45) 

Despacho ceremony

A Despacho is an offering to Mother Earth and is meant to even out any imbalance between an individual and their surroundings. It is a very powerful and effective healing tool. Several tribes in Peru do heal people by 'solely' using Despachos. A Despacho ceremony can involve only you and me or eventually other people (like family members etc.) We would meet somewhere in Nature and the ceremony can take up to 2 hours. A Despacho is always a beautiful ceremony to mark a new beginning. Like birth or marriage...but also to express your gratitude over something that has come to conclusion.

Price: £ 45 (for a small despacho); £ 80 (for a big despacho)

House - cleansing

Sometimes the place where we live can get very congested with heavy energies that bear us down and literally make it difficult for us to expand and to breathe. When I am called to energetically cleanse your house, I would usually need several hours to accomplish the task (depending of course on the size of your home). I would not only cleanse your house but also invite new, benevolent and beautiful energies to fill its spaces after the cleansing. Sometimes it is a good idea to combine the house-cleansing with a despacho ceremony. 
Price: depends on the size of the house. I would have to come and take a look at the house/flat and then fix a price with you individually.

Welcoming a soul

I deeply believe that the "how" a child is being welcomed into this world makes a big difference. Be it at the moment of birth or even before conception. Welcoming a soul would include a beautiful despacho ceremony (with one or both parents) as well as me guiding you in contact with the soul of your child. This is one of my favourite aspects of my work as a spiritual attendant for pregnancy and birth. It is always beautiful and rewarding...

Price: 80 £ ( 65 £ if only one parent is present)

Harmonising mother and child

Sometimes women encounter severe difficulties throughout pregnancy or before birth (like for example strong nausea). A cause for this can be that mother and child share past-life Kharma which now puts a lot of noise and doesn't allow for a beautiful, harmonic love-flow. In a shamanic healing session, I guide you in contact with the soul of your child, cleanse the obstacles and weave a beautiful pattern of benevolent light around you and your a warm, cosy blanket. This ensures the love-flow to be unhindered and will lead to a deeper sense of peace between you and your baby.

Price: £ 75

Fire ceremony

A fire ceremony assists the client in cleansing their energetic field from harsh destructive energies and often has the amazing ability to transform things in the unique way that fire does. Old, worn out patterns can be released and the NEW invited into your life. I would usually use a fire ceremony in combination with healing work and I am happy to make an individual plan with and for you. 

Price:  £ 68

I honour the place in you

in which the entire Universe resides.

I honour the place in you

which is of love, of truth,

of light and of peace.

When you are in that place in you,

and I am in that place in me,

we are one.

Birth Trauma Resolution

The trauma mentioned here is the one that occurs when we enter our physical body at the moment of birth. This kind of trauma can occur because a soul is simply not used to being retained by the limitations of a physical body. Sometimes we also don't manage to fully integrate all our soul-aspects which then leads to disruptive behaviour - patterns. 

During this treatment, I work energetically in and around your Aura-field, as well as your physical and your energetic body. The benefits of this treatment are huge because it brings us to completion...allowing us to fully integrate and live all the aspects of our being. It allows us to be who we are meant to be.

Price: £ 75 (children: £ 45)

Receiving in love

The decision to invite a soul and let them be born through you as a mother/parent is a huge step in one's life. Sometimes there might be hidden fears or thought-concepts which hinder our ability to conceive. If that is true for you, I am happy to help you look deeper and together we can remove the obstacles that block you from healthy conception. Depending on your unique story and path, this might take some time and a variety of approaches. After getting to know each other and the first talk in my healing room or your home, we would then work out an individual healing plan for you and your partner. 

Our Story

When we are speaking of "us", the concept of our ancestors is always included somewhere in that pronoun. Our ancestral family, the ones to whom we owe gratitude for our life, our abilities and our 'flaws'. 

We are never completely detached from them and if there is an imbalance between us and our energetic heritage, it can cause a lot of noise in our current life.  With 'story'-work, we pay attention to our ancestral line, starting with our birth - parents and grandparents and then working our way through whatever else wants to be addressed and acknowledged. The aim of this work, is not to resolve family-karma but to work out issues that we are dealing with on a personal level. As well as creating a way to express gratitude and love for our forefathers.

This work is quite multi-layered and often requires working together over the course of several months or even a year. If you should decide to embark on this journey together with me, I would first do a healing session with you and based on what we discover, we'd work out an individual healing plan for you and your parental lineage.