"The birth of a child is the ultimate perfection of human love." 

Dr. Grantly Dick Read

New life - a miracle

There is more to our lives than our physical welfare. We are made of body, spirit and soul and with my work, I am aiming to draw a circle around these three aspects of our existence. Each being who comes into this world brings along the wish to experience themselves. To gain an understanding of how it feels to be human, of what it is like to love and to be loved and to become the creators of their own lives. By warmly welcoming another being and without tying them to conditions, we smoothen their way into a life full of beauty. A mindful approach to conception and birth is at the core of my work, as is my respect for the miracle of life.

As spiritual attendant for pregnancy and birth, I support mothers, children and their families by:

- promoting a loving awareness for the being of the child (even before conception)

- guiding the family members into soul-to-soul communication

- helping them to create a loving bond, far from conventional restrictions 

- smoothing the child’s entry into this world, so that they can come here as an awakened being

- using specific energetic methods to ease the birth process for mother and child, making birth the awe-inspired event it’s meant to be.

In the following paragraph, I am introducing some of the beautiful techniques I work with >

Soul-to-Soul Communication 

What if we could have a means of exchanging thoughts? What if we could communicate with our children beyond the restrictions of language and verbal communication? In my education as a spiritual attendant for pregnancy, I have been introduced to something called “soul-to-soul”-communication. It is not difficult to learn and to use it. I dare say that anyone could be trained to connect with another person on that level and it doesn’t stop with your children. As long as there is love between you and the person you’d like to connect with, it will always be possible. 

You don’t have to wait for your child to be born to apply this. Babies often converse with their parents, even before the moment of conception. That might not always be perceived on a conscious level, but I have often spoken to women who would tell me that they had "already felt the baby’s presence” months before they had become pregnant. 

If there are issues that hinder the development of a loving bond between mother and child, soul-to-soul-communication can help to remove those obstacles and it can further be an opportunity for the family to encounter the child’s light and their qualities. 

This is also very helpful for the birthing process, as mother, father and child will yet know each other when the child initiates her/his journey into the world. If a conscious connection between a child and their parents has yet been established, birth can become a beautiful celebration of love. 

The flow of love

I can help people to create a loving bond with their children, which is free of any projections on and expectations towards each other. As it happens, many of us do have some kind of fixed image of our child before they are born and this image is often not congruent with our child’s actual personality. But what if we were free of those expectations and projections and we could take it all in? See our children with all the beautiful gifts they bring? 


Is another aspect of my work, which I would like to highlight at this point.
This technique aims to resolve the trauma that can occur when our light-body needs to merge with our physical body for us to begin life as an earthly being. Often, we obtain a trauma from this as it means that all the great conscious being that we are, is divided into parts - a larger part that remains within the realm of light and a smaller (still big enough part) that enters our physical shape.

Sometimes we do not fully “inhabit” our body and important aspects of our light remain within the divine, even though we are in great need of them. During a birth-trauma-resolution, I gather the missing aspects for my client and help them to integrate those in their energetic field. I do further remove blockages from their aura which inhibit a natural flow of energies and therefore the integration of the necessary aspects.

Imagine you were a jigsaw puzzle and you just couldn’t find that missing piece? That’s a little of how it's like when we do not integrate all our amazing aspects. But to live our lives in the way we intended to at the moment of conception, we need all those precious pieces. And it feels wonderful to be complete.

The Beauty of Birth

When you choose for me to attend the birth of your child, I bring with me the light in my hands, essences, empathy and a tremendous amount of love. Birth is a very intense moment for everyone involved and when the veil between worlds is lifted, we are directly touched by a miracle. We are exposed to light in its purest form and it works its wonders with and on us. 

Parents can immerse themselves in the light that is available to everyone at the precious moment of birth. They too become whole again, thanks to the beauty which touches their hearts. The parents can be empowered by their knowledge about birth as a process of light and their energy will rise and flow. 

A soul makes its entry into the physical realm, supported by the spiral flow of creation-energy. 

Whilst we hold our breath 

in awe.