Shamanism is nothing but a label and can't be summarised in one simple word. In many cultures, a Shaman would be a guardian, someone who weaves a web of light around their community and keeps the people within it healthy and safe.

Throughout the past 16 years, I have had beautiful encounters with the Shamans Agustin Edgar Delgado Orea (from Mexico), Miri Metzlix√≥chitl (a Mexican Shaman and midwife), the brothers Don Toribio and Don Modesto (from Peru), as well as Amador (from the Peruvian Amazon). 

All of them show deep gratitude towards the Earth, our Mother, as well as strong love for her creatures.  

At the core of my healing work is the loving service of stone-spirits who offer their help and support in the process of cleansing someone's energy-body from destructive energies. 

Together with sound, smell and the sense of touch, the stone-people (as I lovingly call them) form the foundation of my shamanic work. They are stones which I choose before a healing session and who offer to work with me and the client, supporting the client's unique path. 

Throughout a healing session, it happens that I sing, shake maracas or gently speak to a client of mine. I firmly know that they and I are protected by the loving light-beings which surround us: Angels, spirit guides, power animals or archetypes. 

The knowledge that all of us are forever connected with the Universe and each other carries my work and is the true origin of healing. 

Humans are a part of creation and shamanism is our way of connecting with the whole. 

Will Adcock


Writing about my work and the path that took me here, I don't want to miss the opportunity to express my deepest gratitude towards all the people and spirits who have crossed my path throughout my life and who all proved to be exceptionally great teachers. 

However, there a two people to whom I owe special thanks: my shamanic teachers Irina Dittert and Ralph Riedel. They helped me to rediscover aspects of mine which had long been dormant and their teachings are a blazing beacon in my life's timeline.