"I’ve had one in-person shamanic healing with Faye and two distant sessions, and all have had lasting effects. Faye’s insightful questions and responses to my answers helped me to clarify my need for freedom and creative expression. It felt like the shamanic healing and journeying helped remove the blocks to my progression. Faye’s shamanic work was one of the catalysts that got me writing again, as I found the confidence to change my work commitments and create space for publication. The shamanic experiences were deep and remarkable, with visions that have stayed with me. If I lived closer I would be a regular in-person client, but I’ll keep returning for distant shamanic healing.” 

Liz Kendall

"I first met Faye in September 2022 online for my first healing treatment with her. 

Faye is very knowledgeable within her therapy services. I found my first session was very powerful and Faye has a profound knowing of individuals and blockages, and is intuitive to the needs of her clients. Faye is a very warm and compassionate human being. 

I would highly recommend Faye and her wellbeing practices."

Rachel Perris

"I came to Faye with some very delicate issues that she guided me through with patience and compassion, helping me to see my situation in new ways. After our meetings I felt invigorated and impatient to tackle my problems from a new perspective. I'll be back to work with her again."

Alex R.

"My session with Faye was absolutely wonderful.
I felt safe and held by her.

On my journey I recall beautiful singing and deep reflection with creative images arriving.

I love that Faye truly listens and takes time to hear and support. It was pure bliss." 

Philly Knowland